Departments and the HOD’s and Assistant HOD

1. Sisters’ Fellowship

The Sisters’ Fellowship is headed by Nelly Idehen, and ably assisted by Tosan Asagba. The fellowship primarily organizes youth and adults’ programs targeted mainly at the ladies of Dayspring Parish.


2. Evangelism and Follow-up

The Evangelism and Follow-up Department is the ‘outside’ arm of the church. It is responsible for leading the church in carrying out Christ’s mandate for us to go all out and make disciplines of all nations. It is headed by Sonia Matteazzi, a young woman who’s passionate about soul winning.


3. First timer and Welcome

The department responsible for welcoming and extending the church’s arm of hospitality to new members is the First Time and Welcome Department. Ibukun Uteka, is the head of the department.


4. Choir

The choir department is responsible for losing the people of God in praising and worshiping God. The department is headed by Taiwo Fawumi.


5. Publicity

The Publicity Department is primarily responsible for publicizing and managing all platforms; online and offline, that represents the image of the church. As a church, we are available on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube aside from our website. Taiwo Fawumi is the head of the department.


6. Multimedia

The modern-day church needs instruments and other equipment to operate effectively. The head of multimedia, Kunle Olamilehin, with his several years of experience in a similar capacity, brings nothing but excellence to his role.


7. Protocol

Protocol Department is basically responsible for the general upkeep of any visiting Minister in Dayspring Parish. As a church, we are as concerned about our members as we are for our guests. Our aim is to make all guests feel at home in Stavanger. Patrick Edohamen Awannegbe heads the department.


8. Children

As a church, we believe the children are the future of our forward movement. If we will make any lasting impact in the society we operate and the world at large, our children play a key role. We thus are even more concerned about their spiritual upbringing now than ever before. Heading the department responsible for training our children in the way of the Lord is Success Uyiomendo and Delphine Ada Anya.


9. Ushering and Sanitation

The department responsible for ushering and sanitation is headed by Martins Adike, who’s assisted by Angela Egharebva. As their name suggests, they help to usher members during church services, and most importantly, help to keep the church auditorium spick and span.


10. Treasury and Finances

An organization is successfully managed depending on the strength of its finances. The Department of Treasury and Finances is headed by Mobo Uteka. They both ensure transparency and accountability in the financial dealings of the church.


11. Prayer

It is often said that a prayer-less Christian is a powerless Christian; and that extends to a church that doesn’t pray.  As a church that believes in the power of prayer, the Prayer Department organizes the church’s weekly Faith Clinic for an hour’s prayer session. The department is headed by Solomon Jimba and assisted by Victor Anokwuru.


12. Brothers’ Fellowship

The Brothers’ Fellowship, like that of the sisters, organizes regular programs to educate the men on issues relating to faith, love and marriage, etc. They also go on retreat programs in the form of sports, fishing, etc. to share God’s Word while having fun. The department is headed by the indefatigable Victor Ademu, who is assisted by Martins Adike.


13. Teaching

The Teaching Department organizes the church’s weekly Digging Deep and Sunday School on Tuesdays and Sundays, respectively. It is responsible for teaching the unadulterated Word of God to help grow members in their walk with God. It is headed by Victor Anokwuru and assisted by Patrick Edohamen Awannegbe.


14. Welfare and Event Department

The Welfare and Event Department is responsible for the general welfare of members. By virtue of her knack for details, Minika Bjørge, also doubles as the head of the welfare and events.

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