Church Administration

Church Committee

The church is administered by a group of individuals who are appointed by the head pastor, and headed by the pastor himself. The church committee deals with issues bordering on the financial strength of the church, and other matters arising that may need attention.

Here are the members:

1.       Pastor Dickson Uyiomendo

2.       Mobo Uteka– Treasurer

3.       Mobo Uteka – Financial secretary

4.       Dickson Uyiomendo– Board of trustee

5.       Dickson Uyiomendo – Board of trustee and Church Administration Minister


Officiating or altar Minister

The officiating ministers aid the head pastor in officiating during church services.

It is headed by the head pastor, Samuel Aderemi and her beautiful wife, Pastor (Mrs.) Omolara Aderemi.

1.       Pastor Dickson and Pastor (Mrs.) Success Uyiomendo

2.       Dickson Uyiomendo

3.       Solomon Jimba

4.       Mobo Uteka

5.       Minika Bjørge

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